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Our various textile personalisation techniques

Thanks to these different techniques and machines, we can always find the right solution to meet your needs.
Screen printing


on textile is a process whereby ink is deposited directly on the textile using the principle of the sieve through which ink is passed using a blade or squeegee. It is suitable for printing on both light and dark backgrounds.

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Flex / Flock

Flocking (or flex) is a technique using heat and high pressure to apply a thin film of very flexible PVC or polyurethane, previously cut out with a plotter (digital cutter).

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Direct To Garment

Direct To Garment, also known as DTG, is a printing technique whereby a specific design is printed directly from a printer on textile, just as with a paper printer.

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Screen printing transfer

Screen Transfer

Screen transfer involves the same principle as serigraphy, but the design is first printed on a paper base which is then coated with a thin layer of adhesive to be transferred to the required textile using a hot press.

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Flex digitale

Digital Flex/Flock

Digital flex-/flocking, also known as Print&Cut, follows the same principle as flock printing but with the possibility of printing several colours (full-colour print) on the required textile with one film.

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Using a needle and thread, pictures, logos and suchlike are stitched into the textile. The result is that the design in the textile is tactile and the colours are shown off to better effect.

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Our method

How does our textile printing plant work?


You provide us with the necessary information so that we can prepare a quote. You send an e-mail, use our design editor* or come along to see us during our office hours.


On the basis of your information, we prepare a personal quote and answer your questions.

Order & design

You check the purchase order and the digital design and pay an advance.

In production

We order the goods required from the manufacture or our supplier and start work.

Collection and delivery

The order is ready; you come and collect it or we have it delivered by our courier service.

After-sales service

We are ready to assist you with additional after-sales services.