We at Tip Top Print strive for excellence. To achieve this, we have to work with the best brands on the market. So we are very proud to be able to announce that the beautiful, high-quality and extremely long-lasting StanleyStella collection is one of our established brands.

Opting for StanleyStella means opting not only for durability and quality, but also for a good conscience. StanleyStella holds all major certifications for textiles, from FairWear to 100% organic cotton. We are huge fans.

Stylish with StanleyStella

StanleyStella is a combination of fashion-conscious clothes with a unique design and an eye for small details. The colours that we can offer at Tip Top Print for this are perfectly geared to modern trends and are fully in line with the form and cuts of the garments you could wear. The other great advantage of such a well-conceived collection is that it has been designed for men and women, teenagers and children. So everyone in a group can wear the same look to be perfectly recognisable to outsiders.

Excellence is the right word

If there is one word that corresponds perfectly to StanleyStella, it is excellence. For them (and for us) quality is the decisive factor. From the moment when you come into contact with StanleyStella, you will notice that this quality runs through the entire range, the fabrics, the cut and the colours. The attention paid to every detail is clearly visible at StanleyStella and reflects the values that we advocate at Tip Top Print. So we are pleased to share this excellence with you, because you are worth it.

Durability is the number one priority

StanleyStella was set up based on the conviction that the textile industry needs to be far more responsible. At StanleyStella they saw just one option – change. A change in purchasing behaviour can make a difference. So StanleyStella deliberately opted to devote itself to social responsibility via the FairWear Foundation. Together with the other certifications (GOTS, OE100, OE Blended, OEKO TEX and Reach), this is proof that it is possible to produce and sell with a good conscience. So durability comes naturally from these efforts to ensure responsibility. Buy with a good conscience. Buy StanleyStella.

For more information on the various certifications, go the websites of the different organisations by clicking on their logos.

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