Embroidery Info

If the budget permits, embroidery is certainly recommended. Nothing lasts as well and is as prestigious as embroidery. It looks extremely professional and is definitely recommended for everyone who exercises a profession.


  • Very stylish
  • Lovely, glossy appearance
  • Suitable for all print runs
  • Personalisation (names, etc.) also possible
  • Item by item is possible (not recommended owing to the high start-up costs
  • Long lasting
  • Extremely wide colour range


  • Most expensive personalisation technique that we offer (up to 10x more expensive than serigraphy)
  • High start-up costs (the plate is fairly expensive, but this is a one-off cost)
  • Slow, longer production period
  • It is impossible to embroider small details
  • Large surfaces make garments less comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof textile will no longer be waterproof (easy to resolve by applying a waterproof coating)


Embroidery is the longest lasting and the most stylish way to personalise all types of textiles. Using a needle and thread, pictures, logos and suchlike are stitched into the textile. The result is that the design in the textile is tactile and the colours are shown off to better effect.

Embroidery can be used on a variety of textiles. Whether you choose a cap, a sweater or a polo shirt, we are prepared to help you complete your project successfully.

The cost for the embroidery work depends on a variety of factors, in particular:

  • The size of the picture or logo to be embroidered
  • The number of stitches needed for the machine to embroider the picture or the logo
  • The customer’s specific wishes

The bigger the picture or logo is, the more stitches the machine has to make to complete the project. And the more stitches, the more time the machine will need to complete the design. The price will always be calculated on a per piece basis and will not change according to the number of pieces.

Note: as for all printing methods, there are fixed overheads covering the digitalisation of the logo or the creation of the cutting file. These are independent of the price of the printing itself and will be recouped in line with the number of items printed. These fixed overheads will not be rebilled for future orders if the logo does not change.